Feng Shui Bathroom Design

feng shui bathroom design

Feng shui bathroom design deals with bathroom negatives. These are associated with the draining of positive chi energy from our homes and lives, along with the wealth and prosperity that water represents.

And it is not just one drain. There are multiple drains in the bathroom once you factor in the toilet, a couple of vanity bowls, a bidet, the tub, and the shower. And, of course, there are multiple sources of water when you count the faucets, showerheads, and toilet cistern.

On top of that, the bathroom is associated with dirt, human waste, germs, and odors. And they all create negative chi. So these need to be dealt with too.

All in all the bathroom needs special attention when it comes to the application of feng shui principles. And, if you are applying feng shui bathroom design incidental to a remocel, you need to be aware of practical mistakes to avoid.

Applying feng shui bathroom design principles 

Now we should say up front that there are auspicious places to locate a bathroom if one were to build a home from scratch. But most of us don’t have that opportunity. So we’ll focus here on dealing with what we have.

We need to adopt an “all of the below” approach to overcome all the negativity that feng shui associates with the bathroom. But the good news is that, with attention to detail, the bathroom can be converted from a feng shui negative to a feng shui positive. 

Instead of being a drain on energy, the bathroom can become a source of positive energy once its feng shui potential is realized and its negatives counteracted. 

With proper feng shui treatment, the bathroom becomes a space where negative chi is removed and positive chi is renewed. In this way, the bathroom can be made to emanate serenity, vibrance, and wholesome freshness.

By the way, as you feng shui your bathroom, possibly as part of a remodel project, be aware of mistakes that you might make and should avoid..

Keep the bathroom separated from the bedroom

Although it is very convenient to have direct access from the bedroom to the bathroom, keep them physically separated with a door. Or at least keep them visually separated with a screen. You do not want the positive bedroom chi draining through an open space into the bathroom.

For this same reason, you should not have the headboard of your bed butted up against a wall with a toilet on the other side. This is bad bedroom feng shui

Close the toilet seat before flushing and keep it closed

The toilet exists to flush away waste and water. But the same action sends positive chi down the drain. So before you flush, close the toilet seat. And then keep it closed while the toilet is not being used. This will minimize the loss of chi.

There are two bonus benefits to this. First, you reduce levels of humidity and moisture in the bathroom. This helps control mildew and mold. And, second, it looks so much better aesthetically.

Plug drains that are not in use

We have already pointed to the presence of many drains in the bathroom, quite apart from the toilet. And don’t forget a guest bathroom that doesn’t get much use.

The positive chi in our lives gets sucked down these drains. So block them when not using them. Post a note in the bathroom reminding you to pull the stoppers, put in the plug, or just use a simple round neoprene sink stopper. 

Keep the bathroom door closed

We have already mentioned the need to screen off the bedroom from an adjoining bathroom. Well, the same goes for the other bathrooms in the home. Close all the bathroom doors. This will prevent positive chi from entering the bathroom and getting flushed away.

Concealing the toilet

Toilets are just bad feng shui. So it’s best to conceal them. If possible they should have their separate room or closet with a door. Otherwise, they can be screened off by a shower or a partial partition wall in such a way that they can’t be seen from the door. But if all else fails, at least keep the bathroom door closed.

Install a mirror on the bathroom door

Placing a tall mirror on the exterior of the bathroom door will effectively screen off the bathroom from the rest of the home. This is because the mirror reflects the positive chi of the home back towards the living space. 

It is the same principle that in bedroom feng shui has us place a mirror on the wall over the headboard to keep positive chi within the bedroom, if we can’t avoid having a toilet on the other side of the wall.

Bathroom plants

A plant feeds on water and converts its downward draining energy into positive chi. In addition, a green plant in the bathroom relieves the look of what is otherwise a rather sterile environment. It also helps purify the air in the bathroom.

Houseplants come with feng shui wood energy and add vitality to a room.

Declutter the bathroom

Feng shui abhors clutter. It interferes with the flow of chi energy. Besides, we all know that the presence of clutter can give us a sense of unease, even anxiety. It seems to affect our energy levels. 

And the bathroom is a small space. So the impact of clutter is disproportionately high, giving us all the more reason to eliminate it. 

What’s more, we use the bathroom multiple times per day. And we are constantly bringing new stuff into it. But we forget to take stuff out. So it accumulates without us noticing.

Therefore we need to make a habit of going through all the storage spaces in the bathroom, where things are out of sight and out of mind

Most bathroom products have an expiry date. Get rid of everything that is expired, broken, or just not needed anymore.

Maximize the use of available storage space by installing drawer and cabinet organizers. Try to make it that your bathroom countertops are completely clear, except for a plant and something decorative. 

And arrange your drawers such that the products you use every day are out of sight but easy to reach when you need them.

Regular bathroom cleaning

Feng shui is all about energies that renew and purify. The bathroom is where we go to cleanse our bodies and refresh our minds at the same time. So we need to ensure that our bathrooms are fit for that purpose at all times. This means constantly keeping them clean.

In a Western-oriented world, this is just basic hygiene. But, when it comes to feng shui, we should remind ourselves that a clean environment boosts positive chi energy

Keep the bathroom well-lit

Feng shui likes a well-lit bathroom. It promotes vitality. In any case, if we are putting on makeup or shaving, bright light is essential.

Natural light from a window is ideal but oftentimes a bathroom will not have a window. In this case, consider bringing in circadian lighting that will mimic the daylight outside the home.

In any case, make sure your bathroom lighting is on a dimmer switch or uses smart technology. You don’t want a brightly lit bathroom all the time. And this takes us to our next tip.

Create a bathroom spa

One of the purposes of feng shui is to create an atmosphere of calm, restoration, and well-being. So, put this into action and bring positive chi energy into your bathroom by creating a spa-like environment there. Pamper yourself.

Here are some ideas: light some candles; use chic accessories; soak in your tub; use a bamboo tub caddy to hold your wine glass and book; light candles; add some surround sound; install a rain shower.

Keep the bathroom well ventilated

Hot, moist air is a breeding ground for the growth of mold and unpleasant odors. These are bad feng shui. And proper ventilation removes them.

If your bathroom has a window, open it frequently to let fresh air in from the outside. Fresh air carries positive chi. And, if you have to rely on bathroom exhaust fans to remove stale air, make sure they have adequate capacity. 

Fan capacity is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air moved. The standard rule is that you should have at least 1 CFM for each square foot of bathroom area. And if you have a separate compartment or area for a toilet or shower, put in an additional exhaust fan.

Take advantage of modern technologies that can incorporate heat lamps, ceiling lights, and BlueTooth speakers within an extractor fan.

The Bagua Map and bathroom feng shui enhancements

bagua map

We discuss the Bagua Map in some detail here. But here is a quick guide to locating your bathroom on the map.

Place the map over a floor plan of your home with the northern edge of the map over the edge of the floor plan that contains the front door. Then find the bathroom on the floor plan and identify the square (or gua) of the map that it falls under.

Then look at the material, shape, color, and element specified for that square and use these to guide you in the choice of enhancements for your bathroom feng shui. But avoid bring in any enhancement for the water element.

Bathroom in the middle of the Bagua Map

It is bad feng shui for a bathroom to be in the middle of the Bagua Map. It is even worse if this is the only bathroom in the home. This is because the bathroom is the focus of so much negative chi.

The heart or center of the home is supposed to be a joyful, light, and airy place. And this is pretty much the antithesis of a bathroom

So what do you do with a bathroom in the center of the Bagua Map? The only solution is to minimize the negative feng shui by maximizing positive feng shui by using as many as possible of the tips we have provided here.

Feng shui bathroom decoration

Turn your bathroom into a place you enjoy being in by decorating it in the style you like and with things you love. In this way, your bathroom becomes a spa or haven and not just a place of prosaic bodily function.

But take some clues as to the choice of material and artwork from the elements, colors, shapes, and materials belonging to that square (or gua) on the Bagua Map in which the bathroom is situated.

Special feng shui treatment for the bathroom

While taking clues from the Bagua Map, there are some bathroom-specific things to remember when applying feng shui principles. This is mainly because of the already heavy presence of the water element in the bathroom and the need for a counterbalance.

Using wood and earth elements to balance water

Wood needs water to grow. So this makes wood an excellent complement and counterweight to the water element in the bathroom.  So use wooden vanities, wooden decorative items, and wooden bathtub caddies. And don’t forget to keep a green plant there.

The earth element counteracts water by damming it and controlling it, as in between river banks. It also absorbs water. So an easy and practical way to introduce the earth element into the bathroom is with granite or quartz countertops. We do not recommend marble because it is prone to staining.

Conclusions on feng shui bathroom design

It’s just a fact that a good feng shui bathroom design is not easy to achieve and there is a lot of detail in it.

But we spend a lot of our time in the bathroom and it is an extremely important part of our home. So we just need to make the effort and take the time to attend to all the details that will give us a feng shui bathroom design that we can not only enjoy but will also contribute to the overall positive chi in our home.

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