Feng Shui Home Office Layout

feng shui home office layout

These feng shui home office layout and management tips will show you how to bring balance and harmony to your home office for greater comfort, contentment, creativity, productivity, and success.

Even before the recent Covid pandemic, WFH (working from home) was a trending phenomenon. But now it’s a major “thing” and there is probably no going back from it. So this means that we need to take the design and management of the home office seriously.

In a separate post, we cover home office setup ideas and in this one we look at how to optimize the home office from the point of view of feng shui. We break it down into separate tips, starting with the most important.

Separate home office space

The best feng shui practice is to setup the home office in its own room, separated off from the rest of the house behind a closed door. Ideally, it should be in a separate structure, such as a casita.

Feng shui tells us we should keep our business and personal lives separate. And we know instinctively that this is certainly best for productivity. When we go our home office, we need to get into the mindset of “going to the office.”

So the last place we should have a home office is in the bedroom. But if this is forced on us, we should at least keep the office space screened off to give it the maximum feeling of separation.

Home office desk in the commanding position

The commanding position is a key concept in feng shui. It applies to pretty much every room in the home. And for the home office, feng shui demands that the office desk be placed in the commanding position.

We talk about the commanding position in detail here. The concept originates in mankind’s primitive instinct of “fight or flight.” So the commanding position might also be called the “defensive” position. It puts us in the best position to deal with a potential threat. 

If we can see where a threat might come from, we feel in control. If we can’t see see it, we feel anxious and threatened. It’s in our DNA and feng shui recognizes it. Of course, so does the more modern articulation of “situational awareness.”

The commanding position of the home office desk follows the same logic as the commanding position for the bed in feng shui for the bedroom. So below are the rules for the placement of the desk, along with some “cures” or workarounds.

  • When you are standing in a room as far as possible from the door, diagonal from it, and with a view of it, you are in the commanding position. This is where your office chair goes with the desk in front of it.
  • If you can’t see the door,  take a long mirror and position it vertically in such a way that the door is reflected in it from where you sit.
  • Make sure you have a solid wall behind you (not a window) for backing support
  • Do not face the wall because it will prevent opportunities from reaching you. If you have to face a wall, you can “disguise” it by using a wall hanging or artwork.
  • Do not place your desk under a beam., because this reduces chi energy. But, if you have no choice, paint the beam the same color as the ceiling, so that it “disappears.”

Once your desk and chair is in the commanding position, we can go on to apply the rest of our feng shui home office layout tips.

Feng shui home office desk selection

A wood desk makes for great home office feng shui. Wood is the element in feng shui that signifies growth and vitality.

Choose a desk that is L-shaped, kidney-shaped or rectangular. And make sure it is big enough to accommodate your computer, writing materials, and other paperwork

No poison arrows

“Poison arrows” are sharp or angular objects in the home office that may point at you and cause negative (or sha) chi energy. Arrange such things in such a way that they are not pointing at you. And get a desk and other office furniture that has rounded corners.

Work with the Bagua energy map

bagua map

With our desk now in the commanding position, it’s time to refer to the Bagua energy map to find where our home office lies. Just above is an illustration of the Bagua map, which we explain in some detail here. Here’s a quick review of how to use it.

Lay the map over a floorplan of your home with the North edge of the map along the outer wall of your home that contains your front door. From there you can find the Bagua square in which your home office is located.

Within that square, you will see the color, material, shape, and element that is appropriate to inspire the design of your home office. Using this guidance, you will be able to maximize the presence of positive chi energy in the space.

Feng shui home office colors

Colors have a profound effect on our mood and the mood that a living space can engender in us. We discuss it here. But in this post we need to know what feng shui tells us about colors in the home office.

  • Black is associated with money. 
  • Purple represents wisdom and clarity.
  • Green is synonymous with success, growth, and wealth.
  • White and pastels encourage creativity.
  • Earth tones are stabilizing and relieve stress and tension.

All these colors are appropriate for the home office. But only use red and black for accents. Red can arouse anger and anxiety. And black can be oppressive when over-used.

If you are looking for colors that are both energizing and calming for for a pale shade of gold, green, yellow, or blue.

Make sure there is plenty of light and air

Feng shui encourages plentiful fresh air and light to promote stability and good health. And, of course, this is feng shui simply supporting what we already know. In another post we go into the importance of good good air quality at home in some detail.

So ensure that your home office has windows that will let in an abundance of natural light and fresh air. This will promote the flow into the room of positive chi energy from outside the home. And this will greatly benefit your office productivity. But install appropriate window coverings to reduce glare.

Install tiered LED lighting using ambient, accent, and task components to provide maximum controlled artificial lighting. This will provide complete coverage and will reduce eye strain. And think about including circadian rhythm lighting as well.

Home office decluttering and organizing

Feng shui abhors clutter, since it interferes with the free flow of positive chi energy. It also attracts negative sha energy. Besides, modern medicine tells us that clutter is bad for our mental and physical health.

In the home office, clutter is a distraction from our work and a drain on our mental energy. So we need to eliminate it to boost our focus and productivity and free our mind for the task at hand.

Unfortunately, as we work our day, clutter has a habit of continually creeping up on us. So we need to stay on top of it to keep it under control. And to do this we need to have a plan to help us stay organized.

Such a plan is as simple as having a storage system and a consistent decluttering program.

Home office storage system

A storage system is the foundation of decluttering. Unless you have somewhere to store your stuff, it has no choice but to clutter. Kind of obvious really. So with a place to store your papers and supplies in an organized way, you have clutter more than half-way beat. It all needs to be out of site but not out of reach.

  • Create room in closets.
  • Get simple filing cabinets with organized racks and hanging files.
  • Install simple wall shelving.
  • Get a desk with built-in storage
  • Go paperless with your computer files in the cloud but with a back-up hard drive.

Organize your desk

  • An unruly mess of computer-related cables is a major distraction to the eye. So corral them with cable organizers.
  • Put in place a workflow system that allows only a single notepad, a single working document, and a single writing instrument on your desk at any one time. A simple stack of “In, Out & Pending” trays set off to the side will do this for you.
  • Keep miscellaneous office supplies in drawer organizers out of sight under the desktop.

Follow up decluttering program

Here’s a system you might try:

  • Make a promise to yourself to clean up your desk at the end of each workday, so that there is nothing on it but your computer. You will really get a boost from this kind of “fresh start” when you get to your office in the morning.
  • Put on your calendar a monthly reminder to go through all your office storage. Review what is there and eliminate what is no longer needed.

You might like to check out our related posts on why decluttering is good for you and  home decluttering tips.

Inspirational images

Add pieces of “inspiration” to your home office decor. These will both entertain and motivate you during your workday. Such pieces can be family photos, images of inspirational people, motivational quotes, or artwork that you like and find compelling. And include pieces that relate to your field of work.

Plants for home office feng shui

Green plants are good feng shui generally. So you should have them in your home office. They also help maintain good indoor air quality.

But keep an eye on your plants. Don’t let them die but if they do, get rid of them. Dying plants attract negative sha chi and are depressing to look at anyway.

Feng shui considers bamboo a lucky plant and it also favors plants with rounded leaves

A good smelling home office

There is an informal connection between aromatherapy and feng shui. Both aromatherapy, as alternative medicine, and feng shui operate at the level of hidden energy. So this connection encourages us to use scents as part of our home office feng shui program.

So use an essential oil diffuse in conjunction with such oils as lemongrass, geranium, bergamot, and rosemary. All of them are uplifting for the mood and are great for the balance of energy in the home office.

Sounds and the home office

Feng shui likes to introduce sound makers such as chimes and singing bowls to clear away negative energy and enhance positive chi energy. But if you prefer, you can use instrumental music or white noise. Avoid music with lyrics, since this is distracting to the attention.

And natural sounds are great too. Consider having a decorative fountain in your home office., The sound of trickling water brings with it positive chi. And water is the element in feng shui that symbolizes abundance, prosperity and income. This makes a fountain perfect for the home office.

Final thoughts on feng shui home office layout

The feng shui home office layout tips we offer here will help you create a home office environment that is healthy, balanced, and productive. And it will have high levels of positive chi energy.

Start with a separate home office space and the commanding position and everything will fall into place. Use the Bagua energy  map to incorporate the elements, colors, shapes appropriate for your home office location. And then add in decluttering, light and air, some artwork to inspire, green plants, and inspirational sounds and scents. 

All this is the perfect recipe for a successful feng shui home office layout. And it will support you in working in a calm and supportive environment filled with positive energy.

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