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home remodeling components

By remodeling components we mean the material elements that are incorporated within a remodel or renovation project. These are the fixtures, fittings, furniture, appliances, and other materials that make the living space a completely functional, livable, and aesthetically pleasing whole.

We break all these down into those components that go into a whole house remodel as distinct from those that are specifically intended for kitchens and bathrooms.  

Everyone knows that in the world of remodeling and renovation, it is kitchens and bathrooms that are subjects all their own.

Whole house remodeling components

The whole house remodel components are, for example, electric and ethanol fireplaces, and washers and dryers. We have separate posts covering these and will be posting more. 

Further posts under this category will include building materials such as tile, stone, cabinetry, and lighting fixtures that are common to the entire home. These are the types of material (as distinct from drywall and lumber) that are visible and make an aesthetic as well as physical impact on the project.

We will also include the furnishings that round out the entire project. These are the items of furniture that you will want for bedrooms, living room, den, or game room. Future furnishings should form part of your mind’s eye vision when you set out to plan your remodeling project.

Bathroom remodeling components

We have categorized bathroom remodeling components separately. These are those items that are pretty much exclusive to bathroom remodeling or renovation. They include bathroom sinks, bathroom faucets, bathroom vanities, air tubs & jet tubs, soaking tubs, walk-in tubs, toilets, bidets, grab bars, showers, showerheads, saunas, and steam showers.

Kitchen remodeling components

We have placed kitchen remodeling components in their own category.  These are those items that are almost exclusively associated with kitchen remodeling or renovation. They include cooktops, dishwashers, kitchen faucets, kitchen islands, kitchen sinks, ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, and wine refrigerators. 

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