Best Washer Dryer for Seniors | Front Loading Pedestal Combo

Washers & Dryers in Remodeling

The best washer dryer for seniors is the front loading combo.

We explain why below and offer installation recommendations.

See also our related post on designing a laundry room.


The theme of this site is Universal Design and aging in place. And so we approach the washer and dryer from this standpoint in evaluating this equipment for a kitchen or laundry room remodel project. 

Washers and Dryers

In line with the Universal Design (and aging in place) principles we follow, the washer and dryer units should be front-loading only. This is to make it easy to see the contents and easy to move the laundry in and out of the units. They are the only truly accessible machines and minimize arm and back strain.

  • Controls should be easy to read and located on the front of the units washer/dryer units. Controls at the back of the machine are hard to see and reach.
  • The washer / dryer units should be on pedestals. These often come built in with the units. If not, provide cabinet drawers below the units instead.

Washer Dryer Combo Units

Unless space is at a premium, we do not recommend the washer dryer combo unit. This is because the dryer function of the combo is sub-optimal. It can only dry about half the load that comes out of the washing cycle. So it takes twice as long to dry your clothes than does the standalone dryer.

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Laundry Room Design

We have included some comments on the laundry room and the installation of the washer and dryer equipment and much of this applies even if these units are installed in the kitchen.

  • Place the washer and dryer units (front-loading only) side by side on 12 to 15 inch pedestals to raise them off the floor and avoid having to bend and stoop to handle the laundry or carry it any distance from the washer unit to the dryer unit.
  • The pedestals can be used for storage. In fact, some washer/dryer units come with built-in storage pedestals.
  • Laundry Room Utility Sink: this should be wall-mounted or with roll-under space. The faucet should be lever-operated, touchless, or foot operated. And we always remind you to install a scald prevention device at your water heater.

We would add some bullet point suggestions for laundry rooms:

  • Locate the laundry room near the master bedroom
  • Lower than normal upper cabinets
  • Pull-down shelving
  • Laundry chute in the case of a multi-level home
  • Pull-down shelving in upper cabinets.
  • Roll-out trays and lazy susans in base cabinetry.
  • Counter space for folding and sorting
  • Open knee space under counter work areas
  • Easy pull hardware for cabinet doors.
  • If there is space, include a laundry sink.
  • Pull down ironing board
best washer dryer for seniors aging in place
washer dryer for seniors aging in place
front load washer dryer
front load washer dryer
front load washer dryer