Home Remodeling – Essential Knowledge

Category: Design Philosophy & Execution

Explaining a philosophy of home remodeling and the design essentials to be applied throughout a project

  • Bathrooms for Seniors

    Bathrooms for Seniors

    Resource page for our eGuide “Bathrooms for Seniors – Bathroom Remodeling for Aging in Place” available on Amazon.

  • Kitchens for Seniors

    Kitchens for Seniors

    This is a companion resource page for readers of our eGuide “Kitchens for Seniors – Kitchen Remodeling for Aging in Place.” This eGuide is available on Amazon. This page contains the resource links mentioned in the text of the eGuide. They are listed here so they can be more easily and regularly updated than is…

  • Remodeling for Life

    Remodeling for Life

    A companion page for our Kindle E-Book. It contains reouruces and links as a reference point for the E-Book

  • Interior Lighting Design

    Interior Lighting Design

    We design interior lighting for a remodel project by following the rules of layered lighting and applying them to individual rooms.