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    Home Remodeling with a Difference

    This site embraces a philosophy of home remodeling that makes it more than just a home makeover. It embraces the occasion of a remodeling project as an opportunity for lifestyle enhancement beyond the mere mechanics of the operation.

    Our philosophy combines the principles of Universal Design in the execution of the project with holistic forward planning that embraces the furtherance of your quality of life into the future.

    Home Remodeling – Essential Knowledge

    There are things on this site that you, and most remodeling contractors for that matter, have likely yet to hear of. This is not to say that you should include everything you find here in your planning. But the fact that you are aware of them and can consider them puts you in a position to make better decisions.

    Our purpose is to arm you with essential knowledge that will help you avoid pain, regret, and unnecessary expense. And, as we state in our site banner, you should have this knowledge before you even pick up a hammer or call a remodeling contractor

    We cover broad conceptual topics and combine that with a great deal of detailed information. This is broken down into the following six main sections:

    Remodel Philosophy, Design & Execution

    In this part of our site, we expand on our philosophy of remodeling and cover:

    • Universal Design
    • Aging in Place
    • Interior Design
    • Design Elements & Principles
    • Color in Design
    • Finding Inspiration and Materials
    • Interior Lighting
    • Flooring Materials
    • Countertop Materials
    • Integrated Countertops and Sinks
    • Working with Professionals
    • Remodel Checklist
    • Color in Culture
    • Room Color & Mood
    • Remodel Trends
    • Fads vs Trends
    • Feng Shui for the Home
    • Home Exterior Remodeling
    • Home Remodel Mistakes
    • Remodeling Costs
    • Hidden Remodeling Costs
    • Financing Options
    • Loan Broker or Direct Lender

        Kitchen Remodeling

        We cover kitchen remodeling in great detail. The discussions include:

        • Kitchen Remodel Guide
        • Kitchen Remodel Overview & Checklist
        • Kitchen Layout
        • Kitchen Design Trends
        • Kitchens for the Elderly
        • Kitchen Feng Shui
        • Kitchen Remodel Mistakes
        • Kitchen Components
        • Kitchen Islands
        • Kitchen Cabinets
        • Kitchen Sinks
        • Kitchen Faucets
        • Dishwashers
        • Refrigerators
        • Wine Fridges
        • Cooktops & Ranges
        • Range Hoods
        • Oven Selection
        • Microwave Oven Selection
        • Drawer Microwaves
        • Over-the-Range Microwaves
        • Countertop Microwaves
        • Built-in Microwaves

        Bathroom Remodeling

        We cover bathroom remodeling in detail. And this includes:

        • Bathroom Remodel Guide
        • Bathroom Overview & Checklist
        • Bathroom Layout
        • Bathroom Design Trends
        • Bathrooms for the Elderly
        • Bathrooms on the Cheap
        • Bathroom Feng Shui
        • Bathroom Remodel Mistakes
        • Bathroom Components
        • Bathroom Vanity
        • Vanity Sink
        • Bathroom Faucets
        • Toilets
        • Bidets
        • Bidet Background & Benefits
        • Bidet-Toilet Combo
        • Bathroom Safety Grab Bars
        • Bathroom Shower
        • Shower Heads
        • Soaking Tubs
        • Air Tub vs Jetted Tub
        • Home Spa
        • Steam Shower
        • Indoor Sauna

        Interior Space Remodeling

        In a remodeling context, the Interior space is everything in the house separate and apart from the kitchen and bathrooms, which always get the lion’s share of attention. Our coverage of the interior space includes:

        • Living Room Design
        • Living Room Feng Shui
        • Fireplaces
        • Bedroom Design
        • Bedroom Feng Shui
        • Home Office Design
        • Home Office Equipment
        • Home Office Feng Shui
        • Laundry Room Design
        • Laundry Room Equipment
        • Home Gym Design
        • Home Gym Equipment
        • Zen Zone

        Home Management & Enhancement

        Home management and enhancement covers a variety of topics. They are related to the many ways one can improve the living space. and make it more manageable. And it is helpful to have them in mind when planning a remodeling project. Topics include, in no particular order:

        • Pets
        • The Healthy Home
        • Air Quality in the Home
        • Indoor Air Quality & VOCs
        • Aromatherapy
        • Home Health Feng Shui
        • Circadian Rhythm Lighting
        • Water Filtration Systems
        • Smart Home Technology
        • Home Automation
        • Home Entertainment Systems
        • Home Accident Prevention
        • Home Defense
        • Decluttering Tips
        • Home Maintenance Checklist
        • Reasons to Declutter

          Yard & Garden Remodeling

          Yard and garden remodel topics include outdoor and indoor/outdoor topics:

          • Yard and Garden Remodeling
          • Garden Feng Shui
          • Decks and Patios
          • Backyard Granny Houses (ADUs)

          Buying & Selling

          If you are remodeling or renovating a home, you first had to buy it and you will eventually want to sell it. So, in that context, we offer the advice below. This catalog will grow.

          • Homebuyer Questions
          • Buying a FSBO
          • Getting Ready to Sell
          • Homebuyer Questions

          A Remodeling Reference Tool

          This site is a reference tool for people contemplating a remodel project. The various posts on the site are set out in a logical order and linked together within the text for easy reference. And you can always refer to the menus to find a topic that is on your mind.

          You will frequently find external links in the posts on this site. These will take you to related information on the Internet. This information is intended to expand your knowledge of the topic at hand.

          We offer advice on the types of products and materials that should be components of a remodeling project. And we frequently illustrate our points by referring to product links on Amazon and elsewhere to help readers with their research. In this regard, please refer to the affiliate disclaimers on this site.

          Overall Purpose of This Site

          The remodeling information on this site is comprehensive but does not offer DIY guidance. Nor does it go into explanations of the nails, pipes, wiring, and other work associated with the various trades involved in a remodeling project. There is plenty of this kind of information on YouTube.

          Rather this site has multiple other specific purposes that we hope you will find helpful. These are:

          1. Help you thoroughly prepare yourself for a remodeling project before you start.
          2. Provide detailed information on specific aspects of remodeling projects
          3. Offer inspiration and support
          4. Give solid, practical advice born of professional knowledge and experience
          5. Help you find the information you need beyond this site
          6. Help you get to an end result that delights you
          7. Save you money by helping you avoid expensive mistakes
          8. Help you formulate your project in the now by looking ahead to the future