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Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the most complicated part of any home remodel. And this is a review of what the kitchen remodeling section of our website covers, together with links to related posts.

Kitchen Remodel Overview & Checklist 

This part of the kitchen remodel guide is mainly in the form of a checklist. And we again emphasize the importance of the “write it down” mindset and the use of a remodeling project planning binder from the outset. 

The kitchen is the most complex element of a home renovation project. So it deserves the most comprehensive organization.

We consider the kitchen in the context of the “whole house.” And we learn how to lay out a kitchen remodel by addressing the 7 major kitchen design space elements. These are workstations, cabinetry, countertops and backsplashes, flooring, sinks, faucets, and appliances.

We introduce a “progressive checklist” for a full kitchen remodel. This 101-point kitchen checklist takes you through the entire process. It covers everything to consider when remodeling a kitchen. It takes you from getting kitchen renovation ideas to deciding on the various kitchen components. These include cabinetry and appliances.

You will also find information on what you need from your electrical and mechanical systems. Plus you will find how to work towards the style, appearance, finish, and ambiance you want.

And we go over in some detail the functional considerations you need to address in the design of cabinets for your kitchen.

We even touch on the utility or laundry room with a link to a separate post on washers and dryers.

How to Layout a Kitchen Remodel 

In this post, we go into how to lay out a kitchen remodel in greater depth. We help you discover kitchen design standards and review the 31 Illinois kitchen rules. These rules date back to 1944 but they are evergreen and now updated.

These rules cover distances between work centers, traffic clearances, dishwasher placement, and more. It’s just about everything you need to know in how to plan a kitchen.

We discuss six different work triangle configurations in your kitchen design layout. And we talk about the evolution of the work triangle into the work quadrangle.

In this post, we discuss kitchen design trends in the post-Covid world. We cover the new tendency to reverse the open-concept kitchen design and why we should resist it.

We also cover bringing the outdoors in, incorporating new technology, lighting, kitchen organization, and more. 

Kitchens for the Elderly 

In this post, we discuss the creation of safe and workable kitchens for the elderly. This is an application of the principles of Universal Design as applied to aging-in-place.

Kitchens can be dangerous and inconvenient places for older people. And there is a surprising amount of work that can be done to improve this environment for them.

Feng Shui for the Kitchen

Our post on Feng Shui for the kitchen explains the focus on the stove and why it needs to be in the commanding position.

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

This is a checklist-type round-up post of the most serious (and expensive) mistakes one can make with a kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Remodel Components

In separate related posts, we describe in detail how to select and install the many electrical and mechanical components that go into a modern kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Topics

Here is a catalog (with links) of the posts contained in our guide to kitchen remodeling:

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