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Bathroom Vanity Sink

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Bathroom Vanity Sink? Consider This

Here are some things to consider in selecting bathroom vanity sinks for your remodel.

Choosing this type of sink depends on the bathroom remodel you have in mind. Typically, this would be a master bathroom, guest bathroom, or powder room.

Drop-in or Top-mount Bathroom Sink

The drop-in sink sits with its rim on top of the counter and its body recessed (dropped) into the body of the counter. These are suited to most countertop materials and are less expensive to install than the undermount sink.

Drop-in & Top-mount Sinks on Amazon

 Aquaterior Drop In Bathroom Sink

  • Rectangular Drop In Bathroom Sink
  • Semi Recessed Vessel Sink

American Standard Countertop Sink

  • Self-rimming oval countertop sink
  • Tapered edges for style

Sinkology Copper Bath Sink

  • Drop-in Handmade Copper Bath Sink
  • Handmade from 18 gauge Pure solid Copper

Undermount Bathroom Sink

The undermount sink is installed underneath the counter with its rim glued or clipped/sealed to the underside of the countertop material. The countertop must be a solid surface material such as granite.

Undermount Sinks on Amazon

White Undermount Bathroom Sink

  • White Rectangular Porcelain
  • Undermount Lavatory Sink

Copper Undermount Sink

  • Pure Copper Bathroom Vanity Sink
  • Hand Hammered

Integrated Bathroom Sink

The integrated sink is molded into and is part of the countertop itself. It is relatively inexpensive (you don’t need a separate countertop) and very practical, being easy to clean. However, some might say they lack style.

Integrated Sinks on Amazon

KOHLER Integrated Bathroom Sink

  • One-Piece Surface
  • Integrated Bathroom Sink

Double Integrated Bathroom Sink

  • Cultured Marble Single Faucet Hole Double Vanity
  • Solid White

Wall-mounted Bathroom Sink

The wall-mounted or cantilevered sink has no cabinetry below it and the plumbing is exposed unless special measures are taken to conceal it. It is very practical from an accessibility point of view as a wheelchair can approach it closely.

Wall-mounted Sinks on Amazon

SHACO Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

  • Modern Wall Mount Sink
  • Sink for Small Bathrooms

Scarabeo Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

  • Rectangular Bathroom Sink
  • Ceramic, Wall Mounted 

Pedestal Bathroom Sink

The pedestal sink is mounted against the wall with no cabinetry associated with it but with its plumbing concealed within the pedestal itself. This too is a great choice for accessibility. This type of sink can make a design statement in the powder room. But be mindful of storage.

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks on Amazon

Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  • Modern U-Shape
  • Pedestal Bathroom Sink With Overflow

Pedestal Bathroom Sink

  • Retrospect pedestal bathroom sink
  • Pedestal sink basin with leg

Vessel Sinks

We include an example of the vessel sink here for the sake of completeness and for illustration. But we recommend against them. They are faddy, impractical, and vulnerable to accidental damage. Think of a large, clumsy guest stumbling around the tight quarters of a powder room.

  • They are hard to clean around.
  • They don’t have an overflow drain
  • They need an expensive standalone faucet. 
  • They are difficult for short people to use.

Vessel Sinks on Amazon

Bathroom Vessel Sink

  • Round Glass Vessel Sink
  • Faucet, Pop-Up Drain

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