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Indoor Sauna

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Indoor Sauna and Steam Shower Therapy

We have included saunas and steam showers in the context of our bathroom remodel discussions. And this is generally within the context of Universal Design and aging in place. We have discussed home spa benefits generally elsewhere.

Saunas may or may not be installed as part of a bathroom remodel project, simply because of available space. While, on the other hand, a steam shower can also double as a regular shower. But in this post, the discussion is limited to saunas.

The choice of type of sauna is entirely a matter of personal preference and in our experience comes down to how and in what ambiance the individual wants the therapeutic heat delivered.

Infrared Sauna

NIR Infrared vs FAR Infrared

Near Infrared Radiation (NIR) is contained within the spectrum of natural visible sunlight that boosts Vitamin D. And saunas using NIR heating will rejuvenate the skin, slightly raise body temperature, provide shallow pain relief, and improve circulation.

Far Infrared Radiation (FAR ) is closer to the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. And saunas using FAR heating will stimulate core body heating and induce heavy sweating.

Full Spectrum Saunas

A full-spectrum sauna will offer near, mid, and far infrared. And the best way to understand the differences is in terms of the depth of heat delivered. 

  • Near = deep heat
  • Mid = deeper heat
  • Far = deepest heat

The infrared (IR) sauna produces a light wave at the low (and invisible) end of the light spectrum. This light wave penetrates the skin, warms the body, and produces sweating. But because it is light, it does not heat the surrounding air very much. The ambient temperature in the IR sauna is generally between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is much cooler than in the electric heater sauna.

Is the IR sauna better than the Finnish-style electric sauna? It is all a matter of personal preference. Many people like to raise a sweat in the cooler IR heat. Others prefer the full-on hot and steamy sauna. Advocates for each type of sauna claim different health benefits.

Infrared Saunas on Amazon

Four Person Canadian Hemlock Sauna

  • Low EMF FAR
  • Infrared Carbon

1 to 2 Person Hemlock Wood Sauna

  • Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna
  • LED Control Panel and Tempered Glass Door

Wet or Dry Heater Sauna

These are straight radiant electric (as opposed to infrared) saunas.

The air within the electric sauna is heated to between 150 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit with 10 to 20% humidity. The wooden interior of the sauna prevents skin discomfort at these temperatures.

However, almost all electric heater sauna heater designs include sauna rocks. So you have the option of creating steam by pouring water on the hot rocks. It’s entirely a matter of personal preference as to whether you want to take your sauna in a humid hot atmosphere or a dry hot atmosphere.

Wet or Dry Heat Saunas on Amazon

2-Person Wet or Dry Sauna

  • Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • 6KW Wet or Dry Heater, Advanced Control Panel

4 Person Hemlock Wood Sauna

  • Indoor Sauna Spa
  • 6KW Wet or Dry Heater, Rocks, and Water Bucket

Portable Saunas

Recognizing that there may well be insufficient space or budget for a permanently installed sauna or steam shower in a remodel or renovation, we have included portable single-person use versions. They come in both steam and infrared.

But remember that even a portable sauna needs some planned storage space.

Portable Saunas on Amazon

Infrared Home Spa – One Person Sauna

  • Heating Foot Pad
  • Portable Chair

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