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Where to Start with a Bathroom Shower?

A bathroom shower remodel is one of the focal points of any bathroom project. So here are some things to consider.

The starting point of this site in recommending a shower remodel is Universal Design and aging in place.

Accordingly, we are just as much concerned here with safe and comfortable function as we are with style and resale value.

Curbless Shower

If a walk-in tub is not an option, for budgetary reasons, or not even a preference, then a no-threshold or curbless shower is an excellent aging-in-place solution. At this point in life, a regular bathtub is not a good option. This is because of the risk of falling when getting in and out of it, even with the liberal use of grab bars and benches.

An enlarged curbless shower allows for the easy use of a walker, wheelchair, or transfer chair across the entrance. And it gives plenty of room for maneuver when in the shower.

Wet Room

If you have space, consider expanding the shower into a large wet room. This will accommodate a toilet, bidet, vanity, and shower in one (nonslip) tiled area with one or two central drains. 

This makes for the ultimate in accessibility and ease of cleaning. And it is a great option if a caregiver is involved.

Provided you have the space, this option can become quite affordable if you use a Wetwall bathroom wall panel system instead of tile.

Shower Seats and Shelves

Consider shower safety and convenience. Be sure to include a built-in shower bench or at least room for a seat. And remember to include grab bars, shelves for soap and shampoo, and towel rails nearby.

Shower Seats on Amazon

Carousel Sliding Shower/Tub Transfer Bench

  • Swivel Seat
  • Pivoting Arms

 Shower Chair Bath Seat

  • Adjustable Height
  • Heavy Duty, 350 lb Capacity

Economical Walk-in Shower Enclosures

A wet room or fully tiled curbless shower enclosure is an expensive proposition, especially if you use stone. Besides, you may not have the space, to say nothing of the potential expense of plumbing modifications.

So we show here a  selection of ready-made walk-in shower enclosures that can mostly replace an existing tub.

Also, consider opting for one of these shower enclosures as a budget allocation measure. Save the money for more pressing expenditures elsewhere.

Shower Enclosures on Amazon

Glass Sliding Shower Enclosure

  • Semi-Frameless
  • Brushed Nickel

Corner Shower Enclosure

  • Double Sliding Shower Door
  • Clear Tempered Glass

Economical Tub-to-Shower Conversion

If you have a tub you likely have a shower associated with it. So to make the shower accessible because (in an aging-in-place scenario) it is now too awkward or even dangerous, to climb into the tub, consider one of these conversion kits.

Bathtub Accessibility Kit 

  • Convert existing tub to step-In shower
  • Features non-skid step pad

Convertible Bathtub Accessibility Kit

  • Convert existing tub to walk-in tub 
  • Removable insert locks and unlocks quickly

Post Shower Body Drying

Post-shower body drying devices sound pretty much like a luxury item. But they can make a world of difference for an elderly person, who may have difficulty with vigorous toweling after a shower.

Make sure there is an appropriate grab bar nearby.

Body Drying on Amazon

Bathroom Body Dryer

  • Waterproof
  • All-Round Quick-Drying

VALIRYO Full Body Dryer

  • Ideal for People with Mobility Problems 
  • Relax Your Body and Mind

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