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A Type of Sauna

A steam shower is a type of sauna. But it uses moist heat, as opposed to the dry heat of a regular sauna. Although, it is true that some kinds of saunas do indeed generate moist heat by water poured over very hot rock.

There are two ways to install a steam shower in your bathroom remodel project.

  1. Convert a conventional shower by adding a steam generator.
  2. Install a prefabricated unit. 

But first, you must decide whether to install a steam shower or a sauna in the first place.

Sauna Therapy

Steam showers and saunas deliver similar therapeutic effects. And if you have the physical space, you may have the option of installing one or the other. 

But how to choose between a sauna and a steam shower? It is totally a matter of personal preference and in our experience comes down to how and in what ambiance the individual wants the therapeutic heat delivered. Although we must say that a steam shower lacks the ambiance of a sauna room.

But, very often, limitations of space will dictate that the steam shower is your only option. This is simply because a regular shower can be made to double as one.

Steam Generators

For many remodel projects – perhaps even most of them – converting an existing shower by using a steam generator is the way to go. And we have included a selection of steam generators here.

Steam Shower Generators on Amazon

10kW Steam Shower Generator Kit

  • Steam Generator, Control, Steam Head
  • Brushed Nickel Inside Control

10.5KW Commercial Steam Generator Shower System

  • Self-Draining
  • ome Steam Bath Spa Generator

Prefabricated Steam Shower

The alternative to the steam generator arrangement is to install a prefabricated unit. This is pretty much a “slide it in place and hook it up” arrangement. 

Prefabricated Steam Showers on Amazon

Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure

  • Tempered Glass
  • Whirlpool Bath Tub with 6 Massage Jets INCLUDED

Mesa Steam Shower

  • 3KW Steam Generator, Rainfall Shower Head
  • FM Radio, Foot Massager

Changing Technology

The technology of steam showers and steam generators is always changing. So be sure to do your research before making a decision for one or the other. And remember the constraints of the space you have available.

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