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Introduction to Bidets

This post is a brief introduction to the bidets that we cover in more detail elsewhere.

A modern bathroom renovation should definitely include a bidet, and not only for an aging-in-place scenario or from a Universal Design viewpoint. The bidet can be stand-alone, part of a “smart toilet,” or a toilet add-on.

And you don’t need to wait for a renovation. You can upgrade a toilet to include a bidet function at any time.

There are three types of bidets: standalone, smart toilet, and seat add-on.

Standalone Bidet

The standalone bidet is the classic or traditional arrangement. This is the separate floor or wall-mounted ceramic unit that is located adjacent to the toilet. And it is still an option if that is your preference and you have the space. 

Standalone Bidet on Amazon

TOTO Piedmont Bidet

  • Vertical Spray
  • Flushing Rim

However, in our view, the standalone bidet is not the preferred choice for several reasons:

  1. Given available alternatives, it is an outdated product.
  2. It is certainly not appropriate for an aging-in-place application because it requires considerable additional physical maneuvering. This can cause a loss of balance in the elderly and is unsafe.
  3. It is unnecessarily expensive since it requires separate drainage and water supply.
  4. It is normally not appropriate in a typical remodel situation for lack of appropriate space. It takes a large bathroom to accommodate one of these units.
  5. It takes up space that could be put to better use.

For all these reasons the trend now is toward the fully integrated “smart toilet” solution or the bidet/toilet seat add-on for standard toilets. The demand for both these solutions is on the rise.

Smart Toilets

A “smart toilet” can come with all kinds of bells and whistles. These can include:

  • A posterior/feminine wash. This is the traditional bidet function.
  • Adjustable water pressure.
  • Warm water. 
  • Heated seat.
  • Automatic seat raising as you approach the toilet.
  • Automatic seat closing.
  • Automatic deodorizing.
  • Automatic hands-free flush

Smart Toilets on Amazon


  • Intelligent Smart Bidet Seat
  • Wireless Remote Control, Chair Height

HOROW Smart Toilet

  • Heated Bidet
  • Warm Water

Bidet Seat Add-on 

This is an add-on bidet, where the bidet function is integrated into the toilet seat itself. There are two types of toilet seat add-on bidets:

  1. Electric toilet seat bidet: these come with a variety of features including warm water, air dryers, deodorizers, and variable sprays. They require a nearby electrical outlet.
  2. Non-electric toilet seat bidet: the basic versions come with a cold water wash only. More advanced versions can be attached to the hot water line.

Bidet Seat Add-ons on Amazon

Veken Bidet Attachment for Toilet

  • Dual Nozzle (Feminine/Posterior Wash)
  • Hygienic Bidets for Existing Toilets

Brondell Bidet Toilet Bidet

  • Non-Electric Swash Ecoseat
  • Portable Chair

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