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Best New Toilets

So, what are the best new toilets to install in a bathroom remodeling or renovation project?

Following the theme of this site, which advocates Universal Design and aging in place, here’s what we advise.

Comfort or Chair Height Toilets

For seniors, deep knee bends are no longer a voluntary workout exercise. Knee bends eventually become difficult and painful. So when getting seated on a toilet and then getting up, the comfort or chair height toilet makes perfect sense for everyone.

The chair or comfort-height toilet provides an experience similar to sitting on a comfortable chair because it is about the same height. This is around 18 inches. It makes the simple act of sitting or standing much easier than the standard-height toilet.

A comfort-height toilet should be welcomed by any age group. How about the young and otherwise fit adult suffering from a knee injury?

And we also recommend that the toilet be paired with a bidet/bidet add-on plus a squatting stool.

Comfort-Height Toilets on Amazon

Two-piece Comfort Height Toilet

  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
  • Sitting down and standing up easier for most adults

SIngle-piece Comfort Height Toilet

  • Elongated One Piece Toilet
  • Comfort Chair Seat ADA Height 17.3″

Wall-hung Toilets

We like the minimalist look or the wall-hung toilet. And we also like it from an aging-in-place perspective because it makes cleaning the bathroom floor so much easier. Of course, the wall-hung toilet can be mounted at the chair or comfort height.

With a wall-hung toilet, the water supply, waste line, etc are all concealed in the wall. So, if you are also installing a bidet to pair with the toilet, you must have your plumber bring forward an exposed water connection. 

Also, don’t forget that bidet seats generally need a nearby electrical outlet to plug into.

Wall-hung Toilets on Amazon

Wall Hung Toilet

  • Dual flush, high-performance
  • Soft close quick-release seat
  • Make sure there is enough surrounding space for wheelchair maneuvering.
  • Install grab bars to help with getting up and down.
  • Make sure the toilet paper is within easy reach from a sitting position.
  • Get a wall-mounted comfort-height toilet for easier floor cleaning.
  • Install the toilet in a “wet room” – along with tub, shower, and vanity, again with easy cleaning and maintenance in mind.
  • Pair the toilet with a comfort-height Squatty Potty or equivalent
  • When selecting a toilet, always consider pairing it with a bidet or incorporating a bidet-type seat.

Squatting Stool

A squatting stool improves the posture of the body when performing a bowel movement.

The human body is designed such that fecal elimination is easier and more complete when it is in a squatting position.

For a standard-height toilet, the stool should be around 7″ high. For the comfort-height toilet, it should be at around 9″ high.

For the elderly or less limber, it is highly advisable to use grab bars in conjunction with a squatting stool.

Squatting Stools on Amazon

Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

  •  Doctor recommended toilet stool
  • Simple to use

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