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Pets and Remodeling

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Consider Pets

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 38% of US households own dogs, and 25% own cats. And, according to Statista, the number is much higher. Statista also tells us that about 12% of households own freshwater fish.

So, since the chances are quite good that our reader is a pet owner, it makes sense to consider pets when planning a remodeling project. This is especially true of making provisions in cabinetry, as we will see below.

Why consider pets in a remodel? Two reasons:

1) To make the animals comfortable.

2) To make it easier for us to care for them. 

So, we have included here practical ways to achieve those goals in a remodeling project. You will see that, if you have both cats and dogs, some of them may be in conflict.

Feeding Stations

Most people feed their cats and dogs in the kitchen. So incorporate a feeding station, either built-in to the cabinetry or as a free-standing solution that can both store food and also contain it in one place while it is being eaten. Include a water fountain nearby.

Modern Pet Feeding Station

  • 2 Elevated Dog Bowls 
  • Tilt Out Dog Food Storage Cabinet

Pet Water Fountain

  • Quiet Pump, Dishwasher Safe Design 
  • Suitable for Multiple Pets

Concealed Litter Boxes

There are many options for disguising the presence of litter boxes. You can include them within cabinetry in the home or put them in the garage with access via a door flap. A remodeling project makes for a perfect opportunity to achieve this. Make provision for a deodorizer when you do it.

Built-in Pet Bed

Both dogs and cats like a safe-feeling sleeping place. Make allowance for this within your project, perhaps by incorporating it within a built-in cabinetry. This can both keep the sleeping area out of the way of people and also make the pet feel extra secure.

Dog Washing Station

Being able to wash a dog easily is good for the owner (because it is easy) and good for the dog because it will happen more often (because it is easy). You can achieve this in several ways with a remodel project.

Custom washing station: If you have the space and the budget include a dog washing station in your mudroom. Depending on your breed of dog, it can be elevated for convenience. It should be equipped with hot and cold water delivered by a hand-held spray. And there will be provision for the storage of dog shampoo and grooming equipment.

Laundry room: If you have a laundry room, it will, ideally, have a large sink. This is an opportunity for a dog washing station.

Personal shower: This will be the solution for most people. Make sure that you have a detachable showerhead with a long hose. And, with this solution, the benefits of a wet room in your bathroom become even more apparent.

Dogs shed fur. So make sure you stay on top of shower drain cleaning.

Window Seat with Greenhouse Window

Consider a window seat combined with a pet bed and a greenhouse window to keep your pet entertained, relaxed, and also out of the way.

Cat Window Seat

  • Window mounted ca seat 
  • Suitable for large cats


A catio (cat patio concept) is a recommended way for cats to enjoy the outdoors without fear of them straying and getting lost. A catio is a simple wire and frame enclosure with carpet on the floor and plastic material overhead to keep the rain off. Your pet accesses it via a pet door.

It’s easy to have one made. Or you can get a more elaborate solution like this from Amazon:

Catio Outdoor Cat Enclosure

  • Large Walk in Cat Kennel  
  • Platforms and Small Houses

Pet Stain-Resistant Fabrics

When selecting fabric for your furniture, have in mind stain resistance and ease of cleaning. Also consider the color of your pets’ fur against the fabric, such that its presence is at least disguised and therefore out of mind.

And make sure you have scratching posts, so your cats don’t scratch the furniture.

Pet Resistant Flooring

If you have pets, remember to consider them when you select flooring material.

Retention Gates

From time to time it may be desirable to confine pets to one area of the house. So consider demountable swinging gates like this one on Amazon. 

Portable Pet Gate

  • Expands & Locks in Place with No Tools 
  • Pressure Mount

Pet Door and Fenced Backyard

If you have a dog and a backyard, it’s pretty much a given that the yard should be fenced, or at least partially fenced. And to go with it, you should have a pet door. 

The occasion of a remodel may be a good time to install both of these. You can find fencing products on Amazon and pet doors too.  

Dog Houses

Dogs like to play and romp outdoors but they also want a safe retreat with comfort and shade, and out of the rain. So, provide a dog house. It should be elevated so that it is above drafts and to discourage small intruders. Here is an example on Amazon.

Dog House

  • Outdoor and indoor dog kennel 
  • Weatherproof. Raised feet for winter

Fish Tanks

We mention fish tanks because they can be kept pretty much anywhere and they are important to us in Feng Shui as calming influences and attracting abundance and prosperity. This is quite aside from the fact that they are fun to watch and maintain.

Caring for Pets During the Remodeling Process

A home renovation can be frightening for our animals. So we want to keep them calm and away from danger.

Depending on the extent of the project, it may be best to board them out for the duration or at least for part of it. But you should at least do your best to keep them as tranquil as possible and safe. So:

  • Keep your animals in other parts of the home away from the action
  • Maintain the routine they are accustomed to, especially feeding times
  • Pay extra attention to them.
  • Introduce them to the workers coming into the home. Many of these workers will have their own pets and will be empathetic.
  • Impress on the workers the importance of being vigilant against escaping pets and keeping outside doors closed.

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