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Incorporating Smart Tech in a Home Remodel

In other chapters, we have touched on the incorporation of smart technology in a remodel with, for example, touchless faucets, and circadian rhythm lighting.

Home tech is a relatively new and ever-changing field within the home improvement space. And we are advocates of the right tech properly applied. But we also feel that there is some gimmickry in the field. 

So finding the right tech that makes sense for you is very much an individual effort. And all we want to do here is, first, point out some of the possibilities as we see them at the time of this writing (early 2023). Second, we recommend that you do your own research and, especially, seek expert advice before taking action. 

A good place to start with this is the Best Buy Total Tech program. But we are sure you can find other advice locally.

That said, let’s briefly take a look at some of this stuff, in no particular order.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting lets you control your lights from your smartphone. And smart LED bulbs will save money on your energy bill since they consume less power than incandescent or halogen bulbs. 

Smart lighting is integrated into your smart home security system and you can schedule turning it on and off from your smartphone.

Smart Security Systems

These systems are within the reach of a DIY installer but, in our opinion, if you are paying for a home security monitoring system, it is best to let the pros do it. However, you will also be able to monitor the system yourself. This Ring security system available on Amazon is very highly rated.

Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit

  • A great fit for 2-4 bedroom homes
  • Alexa compatible

This system will monitor your CCTV cameras (including a Ring-type doorbell), doors, and windows. You can also use it to control your garage door, so long as you have the right device installed in the garage door system.

You can add a baby monitor to your smart security system too.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can keep your home at a desired temperature while you are away and then turn on heat or air at the right time, so you always return to a comfortable house. This will save you money. And, of course, you can control the thermostat from your smartphone.

Smart Plumbing System

  • Smart water heater: This can allow remote temperature control anywhere you have your smartphone. It can also monitor for leaks.
  • Smart leak detector: This can alert you to leaks and even shut down your water supply if necessary. This can be a money saver. Statista tells us that 12% of residential water is lost to leaks. 
  • Tankless water heater: This is not new technology but it is a great energy saver.

USB-C Wall Outlets

USB Outlet Extender

  • USB Surge Protector
  • Smart USB Charging Ports

USB-C wall outlets are great and accessible examples of home tech that you can integrate into your home. And they are a relatively easy DIY install, provided you are comfortable handling this kind of electrical item.

Automatic Blinds

You can control automatic blinds from a smartphone and use them in conjunction with your home lighting system. This is particularly relevant concerning the circadian rhythm maintenance we mentioned earlier.

Also, related to blinds, are the so-called “smart fabrics” but this technology, while exciting, is still in its infancy.

Smart Windows

A newcomer on the home tech scene is the electrochromic glass window. These are windows with films that auto-tint by reacting to light.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers provide great audio quality and can be controlled from your smartphone or voice assistant. Some of them also contain microphones and you can use them to control other devices by giving voice commands through the speaker to your voice assistant.

Smart Appliances

With a smart refrigerator, you can use an app on your smartphone to check the contents of your fridge from the supermarket. And with a smart dishwasher, you can control its operation too.

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